Mining Pool

Cryptocurrency Mining with NFTs

Miner Ape Pool is an NFT collection that provides cryptocurrency mining service. An NFT holder collects $MAPT that can be exchanged with various cryptocoins.

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Collect MAPT to get started
and convert them to ETHEREUM

How it works

Mint NFT

Mint increases

Mint an NFT and stake on dApp to start mining $MAPT.

GPU Mining

GPUs increase

The number of GPU increases in proportion to the number of mints.

Earn cryptocurrency

Earnings increase

With the increasing number of GPUs, your earnings will increase continuously.

Mining Pool

Access Decentralized App

Collect $MAPT, manage NFTs, and access crypto mining service.

Cryptocurrency mining service
Decentralized Application
Cryptocurrency mining with NFT.

How does $MAPT collecting work?

Each Miner Ape collects $MAPT utility token directly proportional to the ape's rarity score. Having more NFTs means collecting more $MAPT.

How to spend $MAPT?

1. $MAPT can be spent to collect next-generation NFTs. Different banners for the different next-generation NFTs will be published for a limited time in the future. So you should keep in touch to not miss out.

2. You can save your $MAPT for future updates.

3. You can exchange collected $MAPT with ETH through the dApp by creating a withdraw request.

Buy NFT with cryptocurrency.
The most valuable NFT collection.


Miner Ape Pool Nft collection consists of 2k miner apes, each unique from the other. They have various features ranging from their body color to their eyes, from their mouths to their background. They also use their hats, clothes, and glasses to reflect their own style. Each monkey has a unique style that shows its personality. There are three types of miner apes in the collection; Common, Rare, and Special.

Common NFTs

Common Apes

~70% of the Collection

Common apes are those in more ordinary casual clothes like shirts and caps.
Rare NFTs

Rare Apes

~25% of the Collection

Rare apes are slightly more interesting personalities like a cowboy, wizard, or a banana.
Special NFTs

Special Apes

~5% of the Collection

Special apes are real miners. They help you earn much more $MAPTs.
Speacil Apes mine more $MAPT than others.
Most valuable NFTs



Who knows how many and where these 1/1 NFTs are?

They earn the most money in the mining.

Find them and earn more in mining.


Phase 4
Phase 4


Miner Apes will be mining cryptocoins continuously.

We brought Phase 4 forward and did it!

  • Phase 1
    Phase 1

    Give Away

    5 rare apes give away. There are 3 types of NFTs; Common, Rare, and Special.

  • Phase 2
    Phase 2

    Gacha Banner

    A special collection banner will be released as a gacha system. You will be able to use collected $MAPT to gain obtainable.

  • Phase 3
    Phase 3

    New Project

    Announcement of the new project and privileges of the ape owners in the project.


What is Miner Ape Pool (MAP)?
Miner Ape Pool is an NFT collection that provides cryptocurrency mining service.
What makes Miner Ape Pool different?
Who are we?
When will the images be revealed?
What is $MAPT?
How much $MAPT my NFT mines per day?
What happens if I sell the NFT on OpenSea?
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